McCann Central launches The Margot Collective to ensure female voices are heard

Published on March 8, 2023

McCann Central has announced the launch The Margot Collective, a female-led consulting team established to ensure the involvement of female voices in creating work that speaks to all women. 

The Margot Collective is spearheaded by McCann Demand Managing Director, Lucy Hudson and Creative Director, Melissa Down, who wanted to address the fact that despite women controlling 80% of household spending, two thirds of women would skip ads if they felt that they were negatively stereotyping women. It is named after Margot Sherman, the first creative Female VP at McCann Erickson in 1949 and the first woman to ever sit on the McCann Erickson board in 1965.

Since launching the Margot Collective within McCann last year, the team has grown to include more than 30 people from across its six offices and works to support teams on existing briefs, new business opportunities and creative development, offering new insight, research or creative provocations that may not have been considered.

Lucy Hudson, Managing Director at McCann Demand commented: “When we established Margot, it was clear that clients were looking for a true female voice, and the feedback we’ve had since confirms this. As well as existing briefs, we look for the challenges that our insight could address or overcome for brands. We’ve had great success with proactively reaching out to organisations with ideas to make work that could have life changing consequences for female users of their products and we’re now excited to be rolling this offering out to a wider audience.”

Last year, the Margot Collective was behind a TV campaign to support the launch of MyFORMTM, a ground-breaking female hormone mapping blood test from Forth. The 'Warrior' TV and social campaign fought against the societal pressure on women to soldier on and brush off any symptoms of the menopause they may be experiencing, highlighting how MyFORMTM can provide the information that women need to end any uncertainty around their symptoms.

Melissa added: “As a market, women represent an opportunity bigger than China and India combined. They control $20 trillion in consumer spending, and that figure could reach $28 trillion in the next five years. We’re excited to be creating meaningful, honest and truly great creative work with genuine impact that appeals to a diverse range of women.”

Dean Lovett, CEO at McCann Central added: “I’m really proud of the team behind Margot for identifying an opportunity that not only allows for us to draw on talent from across our six offices to create better results for existing and future clients, but also provides opportunities for women across the business to have a voice in the creation of insightful, powerful work.”

The Margot Collective is an inclusive initiative representing all women.