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Sunseeker made a huge splash at the FIFA World Cup with a stunning football-inspired stunt.

How does a yacht take centre stage at the FIFA World Cup? The same way the other stars do: by showing its skills with a football.

As the FIFA World Cup in Russia entered its final stages, we stepped up our game by doing something unprecedented: playing a gigantic game of football on the water using a Sunseeker yacht and a huge inflatable ball. It was an unmissable stunt, the like of which had never been seen in the premium yacht space, and there was only one name we could possibly give it: #Showboating.

A new dawn

The arrival of the Sunseeker 161 signalled an epic new beginning for Sunseeker.

There are few decisions more aspirational than buying a brand new superyacht. And even in the elite world of yachts, the Sunseeker 161 holds a very special place. That’s why, for us, its arrival signalled a new dawn: an idea we brought to life with a simple, beautiful look and feel.

Redefining the brand

We’ve helped to build a brand as beautiful and distinctive as any Sunseeker yacht.

Building a yacht takes care, consideration and expertise. We approached the task of rebuilding Sunseeker’s brand in much the same way.

We continued our long and fruitful partnership with Sunseeker yachts, helping to move them beyond the world of conspicuous consumption and overt luxury. It’s something that shone through in all our work, from film and TV to press and brochures, as we talked about something deeper: the wanderlust and hunger for adventure that lie behind a purchase like this.

A new beginning