Bombay Sapphire

Stir Creativity

In-store promotions aren’t particularly glamorous things. Unless, of course, they’re from Bombay Sapphire, giving you the opportunity to win an actual sapphire of your own.

Our mission was to keep Bombay Sapphire at the forefront of people’s minds – and to keep it flying off the shelves of Waitrose. To do this, we stirred creativity and created a little magic with a promotion that could see customers get their hands on a real sapphire. It was stand-out work that really delivered for the client, making Bombay Sapphire more famous than ever.

In the summer of 2018, we set out to build on Martini’s Italian heritage in the most spectacular way: by taking over the rooftop terrace of Selfridges’ Italian restaurant.
We went back to Martini’s roots, serving up a fresh new twist on the classic Negroni cocktail as we took over the rooftop terrace of Selfridges’ Italian restaurant. In a space inspired by the salottino (Italian for living room), using striking visuals created by artist Riccardo Guasco, we made Martini the drink of the summer.